Rhea 4.O - Session Completion

Rhea 4.O - Session Completion

In a harmonious blend of creativity and compassion, IEEE WiE AG CEV, LucidPixl Designs, and IEEE Malabar Hub joined hands under the Rhea 4.0 initiative to bring attention to the vital issues of 'Period Poverty' and 'Menstrual Hygiene.' The events, held on October 19, 2022, not only engaged CEVians but also touched the hearts of the local community, making strides towards fostering awareness and empathy.

Poster Designing Competition: Period Poverty
The offline Poster Designing Competition, held from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, was not just a showcase of artistic flair but a heartfelt attempt to address 'Period Poverty.' The exclusive participation of CEVians created a supportive atmosphere, where participants poured their emotions onto paper, raising a collective voice against period poverty. The event's success was not just measured in artworks but in the shared empathy and understanding it generated.

Interactive Session: Menstrual Hygiene
Simultaneously, an intimate session on 'Menstrual Hygiene' unfolded at Maniyur High School, Vadakara. The speaker, Malavika KT, from S7 CSE, shared more than knowledge; she shared stories and experiences, creating a bridge of understanding. The 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM event was not just an information exchange but a moment of connection, breaking the silence surrounding menstrual health.

Beyond numbers and statistics, the combined events were a triumph of human connection and understanding. The Poster Designing Competition, through its creative expressions, became a canvas for shared compassion and solidarity against period poverty.

The interactive session at Maniyur High School became a platform for stories, where Malavika KT's insights transcended information, fostering compassion and breaking down barriers. The emphasis on learning and unlearning together created an environment not just of education but of shared humanity.

As we reflect on these events, it's not just about what was achieved but about the hearts touched and the minds opened. IEEE WiE AG CEV, LucidPixl Designs, and IEEE Malabar Hub have not just organized events; they've facilitated conversations that transcend stigma and prejudice. May these events be remembered not just as successful gatherings but as instances where empathy and understanding triumphed, forging a path toward a more compassionate and inclusive society.

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