Magnathon '22 : 24 Hrs Hackathon

Magnathon '22 : 24 Hrs Hackathon

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IEEE SB CEV is here with the glimpses of our event Magnathon 2022.

Hackathon enables a space for people to experience the reality of challenge without committing to it long-term, and that helps to reveal skilled new talent from unexpected places.

‘Magnathon ‘22‘ is a themed hackathon event that focuses on finding the best solution for problems centered on sustainability, clean energy use, climate change, environmental monitoring, decentralization of climate data, and anything related to interaction with the environment through technology for a sustainable future.

‘Magnathon ‘22’ was a 24 Hours National Level Hackathon conducted on 01st and 2nd December 2022. The first registrations phase kicked off on 18th November 2022, and Closed the entries on 28th November 2022. 'Magnathon' Registration was completely Free for every shortlisted participant, and the platform was ‘Devfolio’. We’ve received about 580+ registrations from all over India, including 130+ Teams. From those huge responses, we’ve shortlisted the best 25 Project Abstractions. Shortlisting process was on the basis of the quality of project ideas and the abstraction they’ve submitted during the registration process.

The Offline Hack begins on 01st December 2022, til 02nd December 2022. Check-ins started from about 08:00 AM, 01st December. Students can check-in by reaching out to the Magnathon registration desk. Students were allotted various classrooms for hacking. Official Inauguration of Maganthon ‘22 was started at 09 AM, Dr. OA Joseph, Honourable Principal, CE Vadakara inaugurated the event. Dr. Smitha CK (SB Councillor, IEEE SB CEV), Mr. Nithin T (Faculty Coordinator, QuassoLiberum 10), Mr. Hafis CP (Chairperson, IEEE SB CEV) also delivered their speech.

Hack begins. An Idea Presentation was scheduled for each team. Dr. Smitha CK (Associate Professor), Ms. Mumthas TK (Assistant Professor), Mr. Roshith K (Assistant Professor) & Mr. Saji Justus (Assistant Professor) was the evaluating panel. Each Team was given with individual assistance on implementation of their proposed abstract. Refreshments were arranged in between intervals, and individual mentorships were ensured as well. We’ve a lively mentorship panel with, Mr. Kiran KS, Mr. Adhil Roshan, Mr. Mohammed Ameen & Mr. Nandu Krishna T. Individual assessments were collected from teams on a 2-Hour basis. As an introductory session on ‘Sustainability and Renewable Energy’, we’ve arranged a webinar by, Er. CM Varughese (Chairperson, IEEE Education Society Kerala Chapter) at 04:00 PM. There was a Question and Answer session (QnA) after the webinar, students raised their queries and asked for suggestions in the QnA period.

Sponsorship Track was arranged for introducing the event sponsorships and event partners to the participant at 08 PM, 01st December. For networking and culturals, arranged an entertainment session for the attendees; The musical band CE Vadakara ‘Cameo’ also collaborated with Magnathon ‘22. Dinner was served and the hack continues.

Second day, 02nd December 2022.
The Completed projects and assets were added to participants' respective GitHub Profiles as per request. Also, the projects were pushed to ‘Devfolio’ profiles for successful completion. Final evaluation was started from 10 AM, and completed at 01 PM. The Final Judging Panel was, Mr. Rahul Shah (Project Coordinator, Kerala Start Up Mission), Dr. Smitha CK (Associate Professor), Mr. Roshith K (Assistant Professor), Mr. Saji Justus (Assistant Professor), & Ms. Mumthas TK (Assistant Professor). Closing Ceremony was held at 01:30 PM, and judges shared the judging criteria and explained the overall evaluation. Winners were announced by Judges and Certificates were distributed in the closing ceremony. Ms. Aathsha Mehar (Chairperson, IEEE Education Society SBC CEV) & Ms. Ashitha N (Joint Secretary, QuassoLiberum 10) also delivered their speech.

Magnathon ’22 Winners :

  • First Prize : 20,000 INR
    Team Debuggers
    Government Engineering College Thrissur
    Mr. Roshan | Mr. Nidhin K | Mr. Sineesh KA | Mr. Subin P

  • Second Prize : 10,000 INR
    Team Trojan Horses
    Jyothi Engineering College, Thrissur
    Ms. Maria Rose | Mr. Nazish Mohammed | Ms. Aneena EA | Mr. Deo Saju

  • Special Mention I : 5,000 INR
    Team Hello World
    Cochin University of Science and Technology
    Mr. Abhishek P | Mr. Noble Austine | Mr. Abhin PT | Mr. CB Dev

  • Special Mention II : 5,000 INR
    Team Exception Handlers
    Mr. Muhammed Murshid | Mr. Lubaib Rehman | Mr. Rasheed M | Mr. Aslah

The Prize Money was distributed in presence of renowned personalities Dr. A Sabu (Pro Vice Chancellor, Kannur University), Anandakuttan B Unnithan (DEAN, Academic Affairs & Development, IIM Kozhikode) & Dr. OA Joseph (Principal, CE Vadakara) from Quasso Liberum 10 Official Inauguration Ceremony at 04 PM, 02nd December 2022.

For Magnathon ‘22, we have received a few Sponsorships; they were Categorized as Diamond and Platinum.
Also involved in Collaboration with enough Communities as well as Affinity Spaces.

Diamond Tier
  1. Polygon
  2. Devfolio
  3. ULCCS Ltd.
  4. QuassoLiberum 10
  5. IEEE SB College of Engineering Vadakara
Platinum Tier
  1. FileCoin
  2. Replit
  3. Solana
  1. IEEE Education Society SB Chapter CE Vadakara
  2. IEEE Power & Energy Society SB Chapter CE Vadakara
  3. GTech MuLearn
  4. IEDC Unit College of Engineering Vadakara

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